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I’m in the Newspaper (pt 2)

Illustrating a point to children with Cyr art

Q: What is the common misconception about artwork involving fantasies?

A: One of my friends asked me, “Do you draw bunnies?” I said, “These are good bunnies.”

I’m not drawing something simple. I’m drawing very complicated idea with recognizable parts. It’s not what you are drawing. It’s more of the content that you are trying to bring into it.

Today was my media blitz day.  Wahoo!  (Thanks Hiroko!)

I’m in the Newspaper!

Check it out…

Illustrator brings ‘strange, charming’ vision to campers

"The kids are so lucky to have him as a teacher," 3 River Arts PR Director Julia Pampinella said. "His imagination is huge, and he is passionate about what he does — it is an honor to have such talent at the camp."

The regional newspaper (Nashoba Publishing) did a story on me!  But that’s not all…  a second newspaper did ANOTHER STORY on me (Which I will post when it goes up).  I feel like Lady Gaga or something.