So today I celebrated my golden birthday! 24 on 24! Here’s to another year of creating cool things!

I finally ordered a case for my phone with my art on it. Loving how it looks!

The Queen’s Camp, Christopher Cyr

BOOM! Adding some new, bright color back into my personal work.

Some digital color sketches I did today. I was feeling like all my personal work is getting dark-colored so I’m working on brightening it back up.

Closeups of my new piece, The Adventure of Popcorn.

The Adventure of Popcorn, Christopher Cyr

A sequel of sorts to my piece Root Beer Floats. You can see both on my website. Oh! And yesterday was my two year tumblr-birthday.

What am I working on?

What am I working on?

Tragedie’s End, Christopher Cyr

My first finished piece of 2014. I entertain the notion that tragic figures could come to each other’s aid and change their stories for the better.

From yesterday- my local library, a mini-rooster-jaeger, and a plant.

2014 has begun with artist’s block.  To motivate myself, I’m going to start posting all my wierdo sketches and whatnot I do to fight the block.  This was from last night.  Can you guess what show I was watching while doodle-painting faces?